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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"

Serving And Loving One Another

We are here to engage the world together to better the lives of others.  Using our resources and talents we hope to leave a positive impact within our communities. We are here to live out our faith in a meaningful and practical way by loving and serving one another.


Learn about the bible and the basic principles of Christianity. Learn about Jesus Christ and the love He has for you. Watch educational videos now!

Loving And Serving

Post an ad of what you need and then connect with one of our helpers to solve your problem.

Events And Projects

Search community events and projects. Your local church is here to support your needs.


Listen to inspirational praise music.

Prayer Request

Believe in the power of prayer. Make a prayer request or pray for someone in need. Try it now !


Donate Items

Donate items or search for items free of charge. Give away items that you may no longer need. Help someone out by sharing your resources.

Donation items


Make new friends and build deeper relationships in your community. You are not alone!

Church Network

Find a local church in your area that is participating in the My Serving Heart church network. These local churches are here to serve your needs. Get in touch and make some new friends.

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