About Us

Changing the world one community at a time


Loving each other with all our heart, soul, and mind with action and in truth.


Sharing our resources and talents with each other in order to better the lives of others.


Teaching and counseling each other with wisdom.

His Story Is Our story

Man was created with the utmost love and care. Everything we see, we touch, was created for us. God wanted to start a family. A family that would bring him great joy and with someone whom he could share creation with. But His plans were thwarted by Satan. Man decided to follow his own desires, rather than the will of God. Man decided to live the “me” life, instead of the “us” life. The fall of man changed history drastically. It shattered the family of God and broke His heart to pieces.Did God not shed tears? He did! Did His heart not ache? It did! How could such a wonderful thing go so wrong. With broken mankind, entered sin. Soon followed hatred, murder, lust, selfishness, and all other kinds of vices.

Engaging the world together to better the lives of others

But behold, God’s Son entered the world. He gave up His throne to come down and live in flesh with us. He put everything on the line – His physical body, His heavenly position at the right hand of God, His own salvation, so that we may live. He came because He loved us, because He created us. We are His spiritual family, bound together by eternal ties rather than familial blood lines that disappear with the passage of time.

For us, he was nailed to the cross so that we may receive salvation and once again be united as a family. As a result, we are now adopted as sons and daughters into the heavenly family and this is the gospel (Good news) that we bring forth to you. We have entered into a partnership with God with a contract signed by the blood of Christ on the cross. A cross that sets us free, no longer held down by sin, but set free by the love and sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ.

Leaving positive footprints in the neighborhoods we walk through by loving and serving each other

My Serving Heart is founded upon the principle of having the deep desire to solve God’s problems.  When you love someone so deeply, you want to alleviate all their worries and concerns.  This is why My Serving Heart was founded so we may bring together God’s estranged family so we can wipe away His tears, comfort His heart and carry His burdens upon our shoulders.  As children, it behooves us to not only ask from God repeatedly for things, but to develop a heart that wants to serve Him, care for Him, and to love Him like His son Jesus.  This is why the Holy Spirit is sent to us so He can transplant the heart of Christ within us and transform us into a new creation.

This heart of Christ then acts as a reflection of what we are to become. Our inner being is transformed as we become more like Him. We follow the perfect example shown to us by our Father.  Even though He was a king, Jesus came down and washed the feet of his disciples like a servant.  He healed, he fed, he nurtured, he bled on the cross for us.  He set an example of what serving is, what love is.  So, with My Serving Heart, we embark on a journey to do the same.  We endeavor to love and serve like Him, so we may enrich the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters.  We strive to develop the heart of Christ, a heart that loves unconditionally, without expecting anything in return.  We strive to live for others, as a life lived for oneself solely is truly a regretful life.  We ourselves are not perfect.  But we are on a journey to develop the heart of Christ, so one day we may become like Him – perfected to the most perfect form.

Putting our faith into action in a meaningful and practical way by sharing our talents and resources with each other

Our Father has mapped out a path for us to find this treasure – the heart of Christ.  He has shared the truth with us and we therefore share it with you.  He showers His love upon us, so we unselfishly share His love with you.  This truth is truly made complete by love.  Truth wrapped up in love is the Kingdom of God.  So, we set forth this movement to bring this truth and love to all. It’s a gift that God gives us and we now freely give it to you.

We endeavor to set a new standard what the church is and should be.  This church is a worldwide family, bound together eternally, to serve and love one another.  This church is not just about doing the “Sunday thing”, but it’s about living with our Father in every moment of our everyday life.  It’s about loving our brothers and sisters unconditionally and non-judgmentally.  It’s about developing the heart of Christ together as we walk along this road of life.  With hand in hand, we lift each other up as a family should.  Since we share the same Father, this makes us brothers and sisters. As siblings we are called to care for and pray for one another.  We are called to serve and love one another.  This love that now flows from within us, binds us to the Father and the Father to us. This love now breaks the chains of sin that entrapped us and prevented us from coming to know our Father God completely. Now that we are set free, we must live a life full of grace interlaced with compassion and empathy for others.  A life lived for others is truly a life worth living.  Truth in action, intertwined with love, is truly something beautiful. The time is ripe to work together so we can shake the world.  It’s time to breathe life into our communities! Join us in this journey as we develop the heart of Christ and change the trajectory of humanity so that we may conform to the will of our Father God and unite as a family.

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