Making The Invisible God Visible

Breathing Life Into Our Communities By Loving And Serving One Another

We connect people who have a need in the community with people who want to help.

Building Communities Up

Engaging the world together to better the lives of others

We are Christian believers who want to put our faith into action in a meaningful and practical way.

Our mission is to build thriving communities by sharing our resources and talents with each other. We want to leave positive footprints in the neighborhoods we walk through.

Our goal is to inspire people to take action so we can serve the needs of our communities. We are here to love and serve our neighbors by providing a helping hand, an empathetic ear, and a non-judgemental heart.

Let us lighten your burdens and comfort your heart.

Loving and serving – it’s what we do !

Loving And Serving - It's What We Do

How We Serve You

Post an ad of what you need and then connect with one of our helpers to solve your problem

Learn about the gospel and bring forth hope and everlasting contentment in your life

Search for and learn about community events and projects in your neighborhood

Listen to inspirational music and sooth your soul. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and enjoy

Prayer Request

Experience the power of prayer in your life. Pray for others and let others pray for you

Donate items or search for items FREE of charge. Be a blessing to someone in need

You Can Count On Us

Community Events & Projects

Sunday Night Community Dinner

Every Sunday for the past 20 years we have been providing a free meal to approximately 200 people every week. It is a time of sharing a meal and stories with each other.

Freedom Session

Freedom Session is a healing-discipleship journey that uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites Jesus Christ to heal those areas of our hearts.

How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up for a free account. (You must sign up and log in to post an ad)

Step 2: Post Ad

Post an ad of what you need. Provide specific details of what you want including meetup time and location

Step 3: Connect

A helper will contact you to discuss your need. Connect with your helper and meet up in person

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